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Dr. Cali Estes on The Rehab podcast: Multiple Paths to Recovery

      What are some alternative methods to help someone suffering from Substance Use Disorder recover? In addiction medicine, it is imperative that we as professionals offer multiple pathways to recovery. We must not impose only one method or the method we endorse. Too often professionals can be seen hawking their wares so to […]

Has COVD-19 Increased your Business or Put you in a Frozen Slump?

Has COVD-19 increased your business or put you in a frozen slump? AND more importantly, what are doing about it? Like most Americans you are sitting there eating Doritos, reading this blog and panicking.  You are applying for the whopping $1200 ‘stimulus loan check’ you want and not seeing a solid way out of this. […]

Stress Management is So Important to Your Sobriety!

    There are obviously many different types of addiction. There is addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and there is gambling addiction, sex addiction and food addiction. Now, there are a lot of contributing factors to these destructive addictions but there is one common contributor to them all, and that is stress. For years doctors […]

Exercise and Staying Active Are Extremely Important in Recovery

  Being active and exercising regularly is one of the most important things we can do during our recovery from addiction. Do you understand some of the basic philosophy of addiction? Let’s simplify things for a few moments. For those of us who seem helplessly addicted to drugs or any addiction for that matter, our […]

Relapse, Addiction and the Coronavirus Pandemic

  Relapse, Addiction and the Coronavirus Pandemic Social distancing, lack of human interaction, and trouble getting to the clinic for needed medications, are just some of the issues that individuals with an addiction are facing right now. Imagine doing all the hard work to get sober and then having the Coronavirus force you to shift […]

Has the Coronavirus affected Drug Dealers?

Has the Coronavirus affected Drug Dealers? Lately we have been discussing the different ways in which this horrible coronavirus pandemic has affected addiction, the addiction industry, drug addicts in general and everything else that has to do with addiction. We have talked about how the coronavirus has put a “damper” on the economy to the […]

5 Reasons Why Telehealth Is The New Norm And Why We LOVE It

  5 Reasons why Telehealth is the new norm and why we LOVE it. With the COVID-19 lockdown in full swing, most people are feeling the impact of their daily lives changing. The normality of getting up, grabbing a coffee and breakfast before you drop the kids at school and you head to work, is […]

Are You Missing Opportunities Because of Your Addiction?

  Have you been offered the “gig” of a lifetime but your addiction makes it impossible to go? The thought of getting dope sick miles from home and destroying your reputation professionally, or much worse, the reputation of others. How about this scenario, maybe you are an actor or musician and you just “nailed” your […]