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Happy Holidays!!!

The Addictions Coach Creates a Mobile Rehab to Combat Drug and Alcohol Addictions The Addictions Coach Company has gone mobile by bringing the rehab to the client. By realizing that each client is unique and their pattern of addiction is unique with a root cause, Cali Estes, is able to address the addiction at the […]

Rockers In Recovery Richie Supa

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll was their mantra, and it could have been their death sentence. Now, decades into recovery from hard-core drug and alcohol addictions, a handful of members from some of the hottest rock bands of the 1970s and ’80s are joining forces to prove to musicians and music lovers alike a […]

Matt Bush in jail –alcohol runs rampant in baseball!

Matt Bush was viciously drunk. He had removed his belt, swung it at a passing car and crashed his vehicle when trying to flee the scene. A fleet of police arrived to arrest him. Hog-tied on the ground, Bush kicked, screamed and carried on like a toddler denied a toy. “I don’t care,” he yelled. […]

Article states that a Vogue mom is passing on her eating disorder to her daughter. Social disorders are not genetic.

http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/cutline/vogue-article-mom-7-old-daughter-weight-sparks-175546979.html An article by a woman who is “fighting” her 7-year-old daughter’s “childhood obesity” at home–published in the April issue of Vogue–is causing a big backlash online among readers critical of the magazine and its author. Dara-Lynn Weiss, the author, wrote about her response to a pediatrician who suggested that her daughter, Bea, should be […]

Why addiction treatment fails

Why does addiction treatment fail? Many addicts fall short of completing treatment because they desire to think that they understand their addiction and they leave treatment early and relapse or complete and relapse. The addict continues to use and the family feels powerless.  WHAT IF you can control and stop your addiction and do it […]