Ask The Expert: Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy. Today’s Topic: Becoming a Recovery Coach

Ask The Expert:

Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy

recovery coach

“I wanted to become a Recovery Coach but I see that there a lot of programs out there and I am not sure what programs offer a certification or a credential versus just a training program. What do I need and what is accepted in each state?” Heather G, Dallas Texas

Cali Estes Answers: “Well first there is NO coach governing body, so that means that there is no one credential body or organization that offers a certification. Each teaching organization has to act as their own credentialing body and they can advertise what guidelines they follow. For example we follow the guidelines of the ICF, which is the largest most comprehensive coaching organization, the International Coach Federation. The second thing you need to know is to ask if the course is peer-to-peer or professional coaching. We offer both but specialize in professional coaching courses, classes and certifications. For our credentialing process we require supervision (unless you have it in the field) and proof of your coaching skills.

We are here: and we have Recovery Coach level I and Level II and then a Master Coach program that has 6 core courses and it is International in scope. We offer ceu’s through NAADAC and all of our materials and manuals are approved by NAADAC.  You can reach us here 1.800.706.0318