Are addiction rates increasing?

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Are addiction rates increasing?

Unfortunately, yes. The last 15 years the rates of addiction have grown dramatically in the US. It has become an epidemic that is affecting people from all walks of life. Addiction presents in so many ways, that it’s very difficult to get an accurate statistic, but it’s stated that addiction affects 1 in 4 families. We are currently in the middle of the greatest drug epidemic in our history. The opioid crisis claimed 72,000+ lives in 2017 in the US. Up from 64,000+ in 2016. With the rise of fentanyl laced drugs the overdose rate will be much higher in 2018. These numbers only represent opioid overdoses, not other illicit drugs.

With addiction rates increasing, there is also a rise in addiction recovery advocacy and treatment. Organizations are growing and fighting addiction on the front lines. Addiction treatment is becoming more affordable and more available. 10 years ago, a client may have to wait weeks to find treatment. Now help is typically a phone call away. Addiction treatment has also expanded past the usual AA based recovery programs. Scientific advancement has helped MAT (medically assisted treatment) programs to grow and have higher long-term success rates. More and more treatment centers are starting to stray away from the AA based programs and are starting to work more with the client on an individual basis to meet the client where they’re at.

Rise of Recovery Coaching and non-clinical programs is important as we see addiction rates increasing. Recovery coaching has grown in recent years to combat the ever-growing addiction epidemic. People from all over the world are using their experience with addiction, and proper training to be able to offer these services. Recovery Coaches use certain skills and their own recovery experience to help the client meet their recovery goals.

Even though addiction has grown in the US, so has the way addiction is treated. With proper handling and intervention people can and do overcome addiction every day. If you are interested in becoming a certified recovery coach please visit for more information. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction The Addictions Coach can help!