The Addictions Coach: Who uses more illegal drugs while driving….UBER drivers or taxi/limo divers?




The Addictions Coach: Who uses more illegal drugs while driving….UBER drivers or taxi/limo divers?

When you get into a cab, limo, carpool or Uber, does it ever cross your mind whether your driver is impaired by illegal drugs? Are you safe when you get into one of these vehicles? Is there a chance your driver could nod out on Heroin with you in the back seat and unable to stop the vehicle?

These are probably questions that rarely cross your mind, if ever. Well, after these latest studies maybe they should be on your mind. If I asked you right now which form of transportation would you feel safer in, a taxi/limo or a rideshare type of transportation like carpools or Uber, what would your answer be? And why? Let’s dive into some of these latest studies and get to the bottom of which form of transportation gets high behind the wheel. The results might startle you!

Let’s first look at taxi/limo drivers. In 2016 Norton Medical performed 8830 random drug tests on a field of taxi drivers. Only 13 drivers tested positive for opiates. This is a rate of .0013% of all taxi drivers. So this is saying 1 in 644 taxi drivers are using heroin before you get into their car. I don’t know about you but I like those odds!   Next, Norton Medical performed random drug screens on 1003 limo drivers. Only 5 Limo drivers tested positive for opiates which is .005% and 1 in 200 Limo drivers are using heroin or other opiates before you get into their elegant vehicles! So when it comes to the STATE REGULATED Taxi and Limo drivers their records are extremely good when it comes to random drug screening and every single one of the drivers who tested positive lost their jobs and license to drive and transport passengers for good. THEY ARE NOT GIVEN ANY LENIENCY OR SECOND CHANCES.

So now let’s look at the Uber drivers. We all know that Uber is the new big thing when it comes to convenient reliable transportation! We all LOVE Uber because we just push a button on our phone and “PRESTO” a nice car is there ready to take us to our destination. These cars we can choose and they are a far cry from the “stinky” smoke-filled yellow cans with the meter on the dash clicking dollar for dollar every few feet, it seems like. And Uber seems so safe with the whole “no cash” policy and we all know ahead of time how much our ride cost.  But with all this positive feedback and convenience there is a dark side. And this dark side has the potential to be deadly under the wrong circumstances.

When Norton Medical tested Uber drivers the results were SHOCKING! Just in California alone Uber has over 160,000 drivers and none of them have to comply with the PUC regulations, state laws or national compliances that the taxi/limo drivers have to. These drug screens showed that 1 in 7 Uber drivers tested positive for heroin or opiates. That’s an alarming amount! So if you have taken Uber seven times with different drivers each time, statistics show that one of those drivers was high on heroin or opiates of some kind.

The only real prerequisite to becoming an Uber driver is that your car is 10 years old or newer. That’s it. So we have a bunch of new, pretty cars being driven by people high on heroin or other opiates! The trucking industry used to have loose laws and restrictions until too many fatal accidents caused change. So should we wait until an Uber driver nods out at an intersection with a family in the back? Or wait until an Uber driver nods out and slams into a concrete wall with your grandmother in the back seat, before we act? We need to act now! If you are an Uber driver with a drug problem or know of someone, please contact us here at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction for help. You can also call us at 1-800-706-0318