The Addictions Coach: Seattle Salmon Found Full of Cocaine and over 80 Drugs!


I’ll take the fresh catch of the day with a side of cocaine!

Going to your favorite seafood restaurant and ordering the catch of the day, should not need to come with the disclaimer that the “fresh” fish has narcotics or opiates included in the meal.

These salmon are swimming in wastewater with a high concentration of drugs and medication, and are absorbing it all.

Excerpts from article published on The Awareness Act 

Study Finds Salmon Caught Near Seattle Full of Cocaine and Antidepressants

Disturbing research has indicated that young salmon found in Puget Sound tested positive for more than 80 different drugs, including cocaine, antidepressants and dozens of medications like Valium, Darvon, Oxycontin, etc.

The presence of these drugs in the water appears to be related to the inability of the wastewater plants to fully remove these chemicals during treatment. But high fecal coliform counts in some areas of the Sound suggest that leaky septic tanks may also be contributing to the problem.