The Addictions Coach Launches 7 Day Rehab

The Addictions Coach launches the 7 day rehab. Treatment in 7 days in your home, office or other location. Private, confidential and secure. Call us today at 1.800.706.0318 or visit for our assistance.

Private. Confidential 7 Day Treatment.

7 day rehab
Concierge Addiction Treatment services: Wave of The Future. If being locked into a traditional 28 day drug and alcohol treatment facility will interfere with your busy lifestyle, we can assist you. We can provide addiction treatment and anger management services on location, at your home, hotel, office, on tour, on set, on the field, on the court, or in the casino hotel. We are discrete and work with you with zero public interference.  We are equipped to handle drug addiction, alcohol addiction, substance abuse, gambling addiction, gaming addiction, food addiction, anger management, among other issues.
We offer a 7-10 day drug and alcohol treatment intensive program with our seasoned therapist, Cali Estes  with or without a 24/7 Certified Recovery Coach, Sobriety Coach, or Sober Companion to assist you in dealing with the issues and stressors that are beginning to take a toll on your life and putting pressure and stress on your livelihood and personal relationships. We will not send you to NA and AA meetings or preach to you. However, if you want to go, we will take you and support you. Our specialty is being able to work with you to get to the root cause of the drug and alcohol addiction, substance abuse problem or gambling issues. We can assist you in propelling forward in personal and professional growth. We work intensively with you to get to the real cause of the drug addiction or alcohol addiction, implement the steps to fix the issues, and then move in a forward positive direction to end the suffering of addiction.  No Groups, No Meetings. Our support 100% of the way.

confidentialsPost 7 day intensive we recommend a 3 week or longer Nationally Certified Recovery Coach,  Sober Companion or Sober Escort, that will come and live with you. Your Recovery Coach or Sober Companion will assist with all the daily life skills and coping skills that you might need early on. They will be there, dedicated to you and your needs as you learn to live life in a more positive manner and deal with all the anxieties and daily stressors that lead you into addiction. We will continue to offer Individual therapy sessions with your therapist post 7 -10 day Treatment Intensive via in person, Skype or Phone as your needs require.

Unlike traditional rehabilitation centers that convince you that you have a disease that is incurable and you must surrender your will, Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, uses a different approach. Whereas traditional drug and alcohol treatment facilities force you to attend meetings, recite prayers and follow steps, Cali Estes tailors her program to fit the client. By realizing that each client is unique and their pattern of addiction is unique with a root cause, Cali is able to address the drug and alcohol addiction at the core and assist you in making the necessary changes and positive steps in your life. We can even arrange for you to detox at home or assist you in finding a drug detox or an alcohol detox facility.

Our ability to work with your schedule and needs will allow you to continue working within the parameters of your career and daily life while beginning to enact a lifestyle change. Dealing with your demons and habit is only a part of the battle, learning how to deal with personal and professional stressors and challenges is the key to changing your life. Addressing  those stressors and factors in a real world setting is the key to remaining sober and enacting that lifestyle change.  Why go to a drug and alcohol treatment center and take time away from the things you love when we can bring a concierge style mobile rehab direct to you. No pesky groups, no publicity, no gimmicks. Real world drug and alcohol treatment that works. Drug and alcohol treatment on your terms.


You deserve a drug and alcohol treatment program that is custom tailored to you and a dedicated addiction therapist that works with only you, on your terms, in your setting, and at your pace.  100% CONFIDENTIAL.  No need for long-term drug and alcohol treatment centers that force you to sit in groups and listen to everyone talk about drugs and alcohol and their problems. With our Boutique Mobile Rehab, we work quickly and intensely with you, to get to the root cause of the drug and alcohol issues in your life.  We dedicate our time by only working with you and your unique needs and not stuffing the room full of preying people who want to hear your business. We will come to your location, either partial day or full day and dedicate that time to you only. Private. Discrete. Confidential. It works.

You deserve it. You earned it. Let us help you get your life back on track and continue your success.

cali4Your therapist and host for the program, Cali Estes, The Premier Addictions Coach, has been featured on NBC Universal News, Entrepreneur, MSN Money, CNBC, CBS Philly, LA Times, and more. Cali Estes will be with you exclusively and tailor her approach  to your unique and individual needs.   There are no groups, no meetings, no books or pamphlets to read and it is done in your environment, ON YOUR TERMS. No need to check into a drug and alcohol treatment center, for a long period of time, or sit through any long and boring groups. We get to your underlying issues quickly and help you reach your potential quicker and without having to ‘check in’ someplace.

Some of Concepts we focus on: *Motivation vs. Learned Hopeless *Reaction vs. Control *Successful Behavior Change *Removal of Fear Based Thinking *Removal of Irrational Thinking *Impulse Control *Self Esteem and Body Image *Reconnect with Family and Loved Ones *Understanding Homeostasis *Anger Management *Identification of Patterns of Addictive Thinking and Behaviors *Understanding Post-Acute Withdraw both Emotional and Physical *Drug and Alcohol Addiction *Food Addiction and Eating Disorders * Gambling Addiction * Stress and Anxiety *Trauma and Grief and Loss *Nutrition and Fitness Coaching *Issues with Fame and Performance Anxiety *Career and Publicity Issues*  CALL US TODAY AT 1.800.706.0318

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