The Addictions Coach: Heroin Use Among Suburban Teens




What happened to the days that suburban teens looked forward to their next soccer game or video game among friends? What happened to innocent teen dances and sleep overs? I wish I could tell you and I wish I wasn’t the deliverer of some of the most alarming news and facts in recent years. Heroin use among suburban teens is on a dramatic climb!

Maybe some of you are aware that this heroin use didn’t start with heroin. It started with what some consider safe, prescription drugs. A lot of this problem starts with young kids robbing their parents or grandparents medicine cabinets for what they thought would be an innocent little high. We are all well aware of the chain reaction that this starts. Weeks and months of using prescription drugs quickly turns to daily heroin use once the prescription drugs run out or the source of the drugs catches on and cuts the kids off. To hold off the physical withdrawals, these kids turn to street heroin and actually realize that it is a lot cheaper.

Other avenues include young child athletes who get hurt in their sport and are prescribed pain pills to get through the injury. Once their script runs out, some of them will turn to heroin and begin a life-long struggle with the drug. In total, 17% of high school kids use drugs during the school day and 86% of high school kids were fully aware of other kids abusing drugs during the school day. Years ago, not too many problems were plaguing suburban teens. Today, however, high school students that live in suburbs are one of the most at-risk groups for heroin abuse in the United States.

A teenager will start out abusing alcohol, smoking, drinking or taking a stolen or “borrowed” prescription. The drug will provide the “high” that they are looking for. As the addiction continues the young person will start to try stronger and harder drugs. In the case of prescriptions, they will build up a prescription drug tolerance where they have to take more and more of the prescription to get the same effect. Eventually, in the case of prescriptions, the teen cannot get a high off of them and turns to heroin as a cheaper and stronger alternative. In a nutshell this is how suburban teens are getting hooked on heroin.

As a side note, another trend or “piece of the puzzle” is Social Media. According to recent statistics 75% of students who see their friends engaging in drug or alcohol use [partying] state that they are more likely to do the same. Another additional piece of information is that those who are left alone at night without parental supervision also are more likely to engage in drug or alcohol usage.

We here at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction realize that it is mandatory that we focus a majority of our efforts on helping get these kids clean and keep them clean. If you have a child who is using heroin, contact us at the site above for immediate help!