The Addictions Coach: Failure to Launch Starts Here


The Addictions Coach: Failure to Launch Starts Here

A lot of people don’t understand why kids these days can’t seem to function in the world around them. They’re overly emotional, they have trouble finding and holding jobs, they seem to want to make a million dollars, but not work for it. What we have created comes directly from bad parenting or the lack of parenting. The article discusses how a teacher is followed and attacked by parents, for taking away a student’s cellphone during class.

This is just one violent example of what is happening all over and why children end up having major issues as adults.

They seem lost, not quite sure of whom they are or what they want to do in life. They lack direction, ambition and purpose. As a parent you are probably stressed and feel helpless in how to help them. Please visit  or reach out to Cali Estes at 1.800.706.0318

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