The Addictions Coach: Big Pharma Stands to Lose Billions to Medical Marijuana


There are a wide variety of medical conditions that are being treated using medical marijuana. Cancer, seizures, migraines, and even symptoms of addiction withdrawal may be minimized with the help of cannabis products, for many people.  So it stands to reason that Big Pharma is not happy about that. They may lose billions of dollars, as people move away from prescription drugs in search of a more natural alternative.  Check out the article from Your Daily Ideas and let us know your thoughts. Should marijuana be legal in all states?



Big Pharma Will Lose $4 Billion Per Year Due to Medical Marijuana

By Joseph Misulonas

One of the not-so-secret aspects of the fight against marijuana legalization is that pharmaceutical companies are actively campaigning against it out of fear they’ll lose money. Well, according to a new report, Big Pharma actually does have a lot to fear.

A recent report found that Big Pharma stands to lose as much as $4 billion per year if medical marijuana became legal in all 50 states. The information is based on a study from 2016 by the University of Georgia, which found that states with legalized medicinal cannabis had less Medicare prescriptions than those where it’s still illegal. The study found that already pharmaceutical companies are losing $166 million annually on drugs where marijuana is now offered as an alternative.

The study also identified nine areas where medical marijuana will most affect Big Pharma: Anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, nerve pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, Tourette syndrome and glaucoma. The researchers found that even if marijuana was only prescribed in a small percentage of these cases, pharmaceutical companies could lose as much as $4 to 5 billion.

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