The Addictions Academy Presents a 12 week Family Coaching group via webinar. Your Host for the program is MIKE ROWE!

The Addictions Academy Presents a 12 week Family Coaching group via webinar.  Your Host for the program is MIKE ROWE!

A 12 Week Webinar is coming for you and your family! We’ll get together 1 day per week for 1 hour.
Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual addict. It invades the entire family as well. Just like the addicted individual, the family is also negatively impacted. Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial crisis touches every member of the family.
The family wellness webinar you will be joining me in, is life changing. We’ll discuss helping you take your life back, and get you prepared to find your own recovery. The way that most of our families have been dealing with, and coping with addiction is actually the opposite of what we should be doing. We’ll share about helping you personally, but also teach you how to help in solidifying long term recovery for your loved one.

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Join us from any location for what’s sure to be a great conversation! I am very excited to join you on this adventure into family recovery! Your host for the group is Mike Rowe!
Topics for each family session:
1.    Understanding addiction as a disease
2.    The impact and effect of addiction on the family
3.    Identifying dysfunctional behavior in our response to the addict
4.    Enabling- The traps that family members fall into
5.    How enabling behavior makes our family sick
6.    How to break enabling behavior
7.    Healthy family behavior
8.    The importance of detachment and self care
9.    Understanding what recovery is for family and our loved one
10.    The difference between caregiver and caretaker
11.    Review of all topics from week 1 through 10
12.    Discussion of APS service. Explanation of APS family program and recovery coaching

Call today at 1.800.706.0318 only $30 per family per session!