The Addictions Academy: Drug Addicted Doctors On The Rise

Drug Addicted Doctors On The Rise

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We seem to put all the trust in the world into our family physicians and doctors. A lot of times we trust them with life or death situations with our physical well-being. What if I told you that an alarming number of doctors and physicians are drug addicts themselves, and to make matters worse, they are actually practicing medicine and operating on us while high on illegal drugs.

It is becoming more apparent that doctors are prone to drug and alcohol abuse. It is estimated that 8% to 10% of our general population is addicted to drugs, while 10% to 15% of our doctors or physicians are addicted to drugs. This is definitely alarming.

Much has been written and shared about physician burnout, depression and anxiety. Doctors are more than twice as likely as us to commit suicide because of the high stress and long hours that are now being worked. It is natural for us to reach for relief when stressed and its no different for doctors and physicians. And by the results of recent studies it is much easier for these doctors because they can easily get prescription medication.

Some studies show as much as 65% of all doctors abuse prescription medication. Now the most alarming side of this is that as a doctor or physician slips further and further into addiction they rarely seek help in fear of losing their jobs and financial security. Also doctors who abuse drugs are looked at more like they are committing a crime than abusing prescription drugs. This is another reason that they stay deep in the shadows of addiction. The sad part of this is that doctors do have a Health Network that helps doctors struggling with addiction and it is proven that when doctors do concede and enter rehab programs, they excel. They excel to a point of 60% to 75% success rate which is extremely high in the recovery world.

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