Debunking State and National Credentialing Requirements


The Addictions Academy releases Credentialing Requirements

The Addictions Academy debunks the myth that you need to register with an organization or ‘board’ to verify credentials for Recovery Coaching or Intervention.  The main verification body is in the state of Pennsylvania right now.  Each state will enact their own set of credentials as time passes.  The current bodies that claim they verify your credentials also teach the classes, providing quite a conflict of interest.

Please remember when choosing your certification that it should be National in nature and can meet all current state requirements.  You do not need to belong to the ‘board’ or be verified by anyone but the state, and the only state right now that has the CIP is Pennsylvania.  More on how to get the CIP credential and how The Addictions Academy National Certification  can complete the process.  You can reach us at or 1.800.706.0318

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