Addiction Recovery with No Shame! The Addictions Coach Sober on Demand Mobile Treatment Services

Addiction Recovery with No Shame! The Addictions Coach Sober on Demand Mobile Treatment Services

shamingMany treatment centers use shame-based techniques to motivate their addict clients. No person deserves this, especially someone taking control of their life to break free from their addiction by entering a treatment or detox center.  Research shows that shaming is a strong predictor of relapse.

Shame-Free Zone with The Addictions Coach! 

Sober On Demand ™, A Unique 3-10  Day Plus Alternative to Substance Abuse Rehab and Drug and Alcohol Treatment –Concierge Private  Sober on Demand Alternative to  Traditional Substance Use Treatment  for the discerning individual or one that has failed  in patient treatment.

Our unique one on one custom concierge approach is what we are highly sought out and known for. Dr. Cali Estes oversees all aspects of the Action Plan protocols and will make sure your experience is comfortable, enlightening and productive in the time you spend with her and her team.

The program can be from 3 to 10 days plus, and consists of a mobile lifestyle enrichment program that covers substance use and substance misuse, triggers, coping skills, passion and purpose in life, relationship goals, career goals and learning how to live a happy and productive life.

This  concept is proprietary and completely tailored to your unique and individual needs. 100% private, 100% Confidential. We get results and have an A list of satisfied clients. If traditional addiction treatment centers did NOT work for you, this program is completely different. No groups, no 30 day required stays, we meet you exactly where you are. We can come to your home, hotel, tour bus, etc and help you get through life and tackle the stressors and issues that hold you back from your full potential.

Dr. Cali Estes and her team are prepared to provide and additional sober companion or sober coach for 30 days to 6 months post Sober on Demand Experience.

Learn more about our Sober on Demand Services below or call an elite member of our sober coach team at 1.800.706.0318