Addiction Recovery at Home, why you need it.



Addiction Recovery at Home, why you need it.

Addiction Recovery home

I have anonymously been writing blogs for Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach/The Addictions Academy for many years now. There are quite a few things that I feel make me qualified to write blogs for her and her two addictions and recovery-based programs, school and businesses. The first qualification would be that I used and abused cocaine for a decade and developed quite an addiction to it. And then later in life, fell madly in love with heroin and developed a six-year relationship with that drug.

I bounced in an out of quite a few 12-step based rehabilitation facilities and programs that stopped my drug use only for the time I was in the programs. I found myself only stopping my drug use to duck prison sentences and to meet the requirements of some type of court sentence. I never really found myself wanting to stop using drugs on a daily basis until I met Dr. Cali Estes and tried her Sober on Demand program. Another qualification, although a sad one at that, is that I let my heroin addiction lead me to the doorsteps of death on two separate occasions with near fatal overdoses.

I have literally been to death’s doorstep at the lowest of lows. And then on the bright side of things, I feel that I am qualified to blog here because I have been able to get my addictions under control, and stop using drugs and actually be on the other side of things and become a top nationally certified professional recovery coach and begin to help others battle their addictions. So in today’s blog I want to strip things down and go back to the basics. I want to talk about the three big signs in my life that made me realize that I needed some type of help to regain sobriety and get my life back in a civil, legal and productive manner, including blogging for The Addictions Coach.


So here goes! My three big signs that told me I needed to get some help with my drug use and my addictions.

  1. My Criminal History– when I was in my teens and my early 20’s, I didn’t think much about the extensive criminal history that I was beginning to rack up. My criminal history was, 100%, fueled and caused by my obsessive drug use. As I entered my 30’s I began to realize that there were certain jobs that I could never apply for and many doors that were permanently closed. There were many relationships that never had the opportunity to get off the ground because of my extensive criminal history. And A few of our most prized civil rights such as voting for the president of the United States of America or owning a gun to protect myself or my family, was something that I was not allowed to take part in, due to my extensive criminal history. I began to realize that the only way I was going to be able to take part in some of life’s most precious gifts was to put some distance between my last crime and the present day. And I knew the only way that would ever happen was going to be getting my addictions under control.
  1. Wanting To Make My Parents Proud– I remember the day I looked into my dad‘s eyes and could see the hurt and disappointment. The two of us were extremely close in my childhood and I knew that time was really running out for me to be able to get my life in order for my parents to see it before they passed on. One of the biggest motivating factors for my sobriety was wanting to give my father the gift of peace, as far as my well-being and sobriety was concerned, when the time came for him to pass on. Many struggling drug addicts live with the extreme guilt that they were never able to show their parents that they were OK before their parents passed on. And this guilt, which now can never be erased easily, can actually fuel a constant drug and alcohol relapse.
  1. The Wife’s Ultimatum-when we are immersed in an ongoing emotional relationship with a spouse or a significant other, we can easily lose sight of the consequences of not getting our act together when it comes to our addiction and drug use. With me, one of the strongest forces behind my sobriety was the reality of losing my wife and my marriage that I cherished more than anything. I know most of you can relate to what I’m about to say next. We all know that moment when your spouse or significant other gives you an ultimatum and they actually mean what they are saying this time. Maybe they did mean it all the other times they gave the ultimatum, but I’m sure we can all remember the last time the ultimatum to stop using drugs was given to us and we knew that our spouse or significant other really meant what they were saying. So, at that point there is really only two ways to go. You either buckle down and get your life in order along with your spouse or you don’t heed the warning and you end up with no relationship left at all. Luckily for me, my love for my wife and marriage outweighed my love for heroin and I was able to salvage my marriage. But it’s still something I have to fight for and work for every day, but at least I was able to salvage it.

So, those are my three big signs that told me I needed to get my addiction under control and get my life back on track. Which brings me to this. I mentioned earlier that I had tried A few 12-step court ordered programs that simply only stopped the drug use while I was at the facility, but once I was returned to society with no supervision, I quickly fell back into the realm of addiction. It was not until I met Dr. Cali Estes and her Sober On Demand program that I was able to stack good days on top of good days and remain clean and sober and I realized that it wasn’t because of a court order or a prison sentence that I needed to change. It was because I wanted to be sober and I wanted to stop using drugs. The sober on-demand program is an addiction and recovery-based program created by Dr. Cali Estes and the program is tailored uniquely and individually to each client and only to that client. Sober on Demand is an intensive 3-10 day program where Dr. Cali Estes spends every day with you, sometimes 24 hours around the clock, and helps you get to the root and reason as to why you are using drugs and alcohol in the first place.

Dr. Estes brings the rehab to you instead of you putting your entire life on hold to enter into a traditional rehab facility. Once the initial 3 to 10 days are up Dr. Cali Estes will then pair you with a top nationally certified professional sober coach to continue working with you for an indefinite period of time until they feel like you are ready to spread your wings and try your new life of sobriety with limited aftercare and supervision. You will be allowed to keep your job, pay your bills and mortgage, put food on your table and take care of your family and responsibilities all while you learn the skills and knowledge needed to live a sober and productive lifestyle. So if you yourself are battling with addiction or have a loved one who is, please contact us today to get information on any of our addiction and recovery-based programs today. You can contact us by calling 1-800-706-0318 or go to Sober on Demand.


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