Internationally Certified Master Addictions Coaches, Nationally Certified Recovery Coaches, Nationally Certified Interventionists and Sober Companions  at The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy:

The staff at The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy are educated, certified and experienced. They are Certified Recovery Coaches, Internationally Certified Master Addictions Coaches, Certified Interventionists, Addiction Professionals, and have years of experience in drug and alcohol treatment facilities.  Our staff offers both 12 step and non 12 step models. We are holistic and discuss nutrition, fitness and  total body wellness with our clients. We travel with our clients and provide Recovery Coaching and Sober Companion services worldwide. Our staff are bi-lingual and speak Spanish and some even speak French.  Allow our Certified team of Recovery Coaches and Sober Companions assist you at your next event, daily, weekly or hourly.

Alexis JohnsonAlexis Johnson is a 36 year old female currently residing outside of the Manhattan/Philadelphia region. She is approaching three and a half years of continued recovery and has achieved many tremendous accomplishments within that time. Alexis is a published model, being featured in Vogue Italia; she is a published poet, and she is an advanced bodybuilder and fitness competitor. But most importantly, Alexis just recently quit her job as a finance director for Nissan to pursue her passion of motivational speaking and recovery coaching. She now speaks to high schools across to countries and adamantly pursues preventative treatment alternatives. She has made appearances on numerous TV shows, been featured in newspaper articles, appeared on many podcasts and radio shows, and just recently was asked to speak alongside the governor of Pennsylvania as an expert on addiction. Alexis was the first ever speaker for the USDA in the country on the Opioid epidemic in the country in Harrisburg, PA as well.
Alexis has an unparalleled work ethic not many can match, and that makes her a dangerous candidate for any job she applies for. She has recently finished writing her memoir, Beautiful Nightmare, due out early next spring.

Julia BonnerJulia Bonner is a firm believer in the transformative power of healing. After all, she’s experienced it first hand. After earning an undergraduate degree from Villanova University, Julia Bonner went on to Pace University School of Law, where she obtained her environmental law certificate and Juris Doctor. She then became a high-powered attorney in Miami, prosecuting perpetrators of violent felonies. At that point, she thought she had life figured out.

But after the tragic death of her younger brother as a result of a drug overdose, everything changed. She quit her high-powered job as a criminal felony prosecutor in Miami and returned home to the Greater Philadelphia Area to start on a path toward healing.

A lifelong passion for health, nutrition, and fitness compelled her to create Julia Bonner Coaching, of which she is the founder and CEO. With her online coaching program, she has helped hundreds of people get healthy and lose weight. She has since become a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach. Through a combination of mindset coaching and one-on-one work, Julia now helps others break free of addiction so they can regain their freedom and pursue the life of their dreams.

Brian KendrickApplying Christian Principles to the outreach of the still sick and suffering through Public Speaking, Recovery Coaching, and placing people into detox and treatment tailored to their individual needs. Brian spent over twenty years in active addiction and found recovery at the age of 35. Since then Brian has become Nationally Certified in Interventions, Recovery and Life Coaching, and founded three recovery homes for men. Brian is a National Outreach Coordinator for All In Behavioral Health, a social media influencer, and Founder of Kendrick Ministries. Brian has a passion for speaking on all platforms whether it be social media, high schools, churches, etc. Brian Kendrick Live has a morning show 5 days a week called “Inspire AM” reaching thousands.

Kevin ParkerKevin Parker was an active addict for 10 years. He battled everything from alcoholism, to cocaine, opiates, process addictions like sex, and everything in between. He eventually ended up in a coma with multi-organ failure in a battle for his life. Throughout the four months, numerous times he almost died, but never gave up. Kevin was eventually released from the hospital, but not before losing his leg, half of his body weight, and sustaining irreversible nerve damage throughout his entire body. This event has now become his biggest strength and asset when dealing with addiction.

Now 7 years clean, he has dedicated his life to helping others break free from the chains of addiction. Through self-development Kevin coaches’ individuals to live free from addiction, be empowered, inspired, and take back control of their life. Aligning their skills and passions to create a new purpose to lead a fulfilling life. His multi-facet approach consists of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components that will surely find the underlying issues that are holding anyone back.

His dedication is relentless and he won’t stop fighting for you until you reach success. Kevin is a certified interventionist, family coach, and recovery coach that is trained in all modalities. Through his personal experience and vast training, he can help anyone, in any situation, at any point of their addiction or recovery. His whole life revolves around adding value in people’s lives and getting them clean and sober. He speaks in high schools and grade schools to the children about addiction in hopes to deter them from ever trying drugs and offering resources to anyone who is currently struggling.

He volunteers in the hospital to visit overdose patients and amputees to help them assimilate back into society and give them hope. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering, he wants to help you. Kevin has been featured on stories by New York 1, CBS, FOX News, New York Post, and Staten Island Advance.

Peter DiStefanoPeter DiStefano, Musician and guitar rock guru best known for his work as a founding member of Porno for Pyros. Peter has 20 years sober from heroin and other assorted drugs and loves his sober life. Peter believes in honesty and branching off his career to include helping his fellow musicians get sober and live an honest life.

With so many years as an amazing sober musician, Peter has decided that his next passion in life is giving back by helping others. Peter has completed his courses with The Addictions Academy and is working on his IMAC. International Master Addictions Coach.  Read more about Peter here.

Vance Johnson of The Addictions CoachVance Edward Johnson, born March 13th, 1963. Former NFL selected by the Denver Broncos in the second round of the 1985 NFL draft. 5’11” 185 wide receiver from the University of Arizona. Johnson played his entire NFL career for the Denver Broncos from 1985 to 1995. Johnson was a world-class long jumper. In 1982, Johnson won the NCAA championship, as well as winning the gold medal at the Junior Pan American games. In 1984 Johnson just missed making the Olympic track team, finishing fourth and becoming the alternate in the long jump at the 1984 United States Olympic trials in Los Angeles.

Johnson assisted the Denver Broncos to three Super Bowls appearances in the eighties and had an impressive performance in Super Bowl XXI, recording five catches for 121 yards and a touchdown. His best season was in 1989 when he recorded 76 receptions for 1095 yards and seven touchdowns. In his 11 Seasons, Johnson recorded 415 receptions for 5695 yards and 37 touchdowns. While also rushing 17 times for 44 yards. He also gained 689 yards on punt returns, and 1027 yards returning kickoffs. Vance is currently one of the best recovery coaches in the country, intervention, trainer, Christian spiritual guide, and an advocate for addiction recovering athletes in his post-career.

As a sober coach, My primary duty is to provide the scaffolding in the early days of sobriety. I start by to building trust and help my clients normalize the basics of living an intoxicant-free life. Similar to a personal trainer, I will give you the support to lift the weights yourself. I accompany my clients to parties, work functions, business trips, or just through a typical day, encouraging them in their sobriety and helping them stay clean in a world filled with temptation. Some duties vary from case to case, from simply ensuring the client remains abstinent, establishing and ushering in a specific plan. Additional support includes spiritual guidance, companionship, mentoring, and motivation in your recovery journey. Recovery is more than just abstinence. I teach clients how to implement tools to handle real-life situations, feelings, and triggers as they come up so that they can achieve long-term sobriety. By learning how to embrace and accept all feelings – the good the bad and the ugly – you’ll be able to move gracefully through both the immense joy and the emotional minefields that life presents without having to seek relief in drugs and alcohol.

JoBeth EvansJoBeth Evans is a nationally certified addiction recovery and life coach. She received her certification at The Addiction Academy. She is accredited through the Florida State Certification Board. JoBeth’s training and experience allows her to work with clients that are recovering addicts that are living a sober life. When a client works with JoBeth they get the information they need to change their thinking and live a life of abundance in recovery. She teaches clients how to change their thinking in order to change their lives. By working with clients weekly and biweekly clients are able to see success early on in the coaching process. JoBeth is very focused on helping her clients get the results they want. She believes that every client has the choice to live the life they desire and she gives them the tools and the process to go through to get there. JoBeth uses something called The Model that allows clients to coach themselves in between sessions. The Model teaches the client to identify thoughts about circumstances that are creating their feelings, actions, and results. From there JoBeth helps the client identify thoughts that are untrue and replace them with thoughts that are true and serve them as they create the life they desire.

JoBeth has taught college and high school for a combined 7 years giving her an ample amount of experience working with teens and young adults. She also holds a masters degree in education. JoBeth has a knack for working with young women, but will work with any clients who she believes is a good fit. She is very serious about the work she does with her clients and expects the same level of commitment from them. She brings great energy to each session and makes clients feel comfortable allowing them to be vulnerable and receive meaningful feedback.

Kent Paul - Coach at The Addictions Coach.comKent Paul was born in Wheatridge, Co. in 1971. He grew up in a conservative spiritual family. His parents, Terry and Linda have been married for 51 years. He has an older brother, Kevin, and an older sister Kim.

He received a scholarship in both football and baseball his senior year in high school. He decided to play baseball and go to the University of Northern Colorado, which was ranked 3rd in the nation for Kinesiology. Weight training for baseball became an extreme passion for Kent, so much so that he decided to get involved in competitive bodybuilding in 1991 at the Mr. Northern Colorado Championships. He took second place in the Heavyweight class, which was very good for his very first competition.

Two years later he spent a summer in Venice, Ca. AKA “Muscle Beach”. That summer changed his life forever. The owner of Venice Beach Gold’s Gym (Ed Connors) approached him and offered a full sponsorship to pursue a bodybuilding carrier. Ed introduced Kent to the best trainers and nutrition gurus in the world. The secrets to transforming the body and the knowledge to maximize human potential would become the key to his success not only in Bodybuilding but also in business.
Kent graduated from college in 1995 with a B.A. in Kinesiology and Nutrition and started his own fitness training business.
In 1998 he became Mr. Colorado. This would open up many doors in his life that would later take him to the national level of bodybuilding. 2000 Kent became world ranked and held that ranking until 2002 when he retired from the sport of bodybuilding.

October 21, 2005 (his birthday) Kent’s world changed forever when he was involved in a car accident that left him with a broken neck. This event led him to his darkest hour. For an entire year, Kent did not leave his home in Parker, Co. He was in incredible pain that led to a substance abuse and full on addiction to pills and alcohol. His world became very small and dark to the point that he wanted his life to end. July 1st, 2006 Kent wrote a suicide note and took action to end his life. God had other plans for him as a miraculous intervention took place in the middle of Kansas with the local police, highway state patrol and his parents.
On July 9th, 2006 Kent made a change in his life that would bring a new discovery of God in his life and change his perspective of himself and the world around him. He made a vow to change his ways and to focus on helping others to break out of the personal bondage of addiction and life tragedy.

Kent changed his entire life and fitness transformation business creating systems that do not just focus on the outward appearance but also the growth of the mind and spirit. He has helped transform thousands of people’s lives all around the world thanks to the love and healing of God.
Since this change in Kent’s life, God has blessed him in big ways including becoming the official Fitness Consultant and National Judge for Donald Trump’s Miss USA pageants. Official Fitness consultant for Miss. America pageants, Fitness columnist for Douglas County News Press, Official fitness instructor for HARDKORE inc. seen at Invesco Field home of the Denver Broncos, host of Turbo Fit Radio show, seen on FOX news, seen on CBS news, seen on NBC news, seen on WEB MD, Key Note Speaker at American Diabetes Association Expo, official fitness coach on 106.7 FM KBPI fit contest, and official health and fitness columnist for Colorado Healthy Living magazine. Kent has most recently been featured on national television TLC network, “Crown Chasers” as the official fitness trainer and expert. Kent has published over 35 articles on life transformation and the author of “Power from Pain” (The Rise and Fall of Mr. Colorado)
Kent now resides in Boca Raton, FL at which he is the host of “My Recovery Radio” on AM 850 WFTL live Sundays at 9 pm. Live stream on He is also a National Certified Recovery Coach NCRC. His greatest passion is to help the people in the world that have been broken and seek healing through the grace of God and the tools of recovery.
Kent’s life has been greatly blessed and continues to be blessed every day.

certified recovery coachesKevin is a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional (NCIP) and a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC).  He also holds a Wisconsin state certification for Substance Abuse Counselor-IT (SAC-IT). He is a former EMT, CPR certified and has been part of the recovery community for over 25 years.  Kevin sits on an AODA Advisory Committee Board which provides recommendation and consultation to the Southeast Wisconsin area AODA community. He also works with Milwaukee area drug courts helping men in the drug program stay focused on recovery and other life skills.   He specializes in male drug and alcohol addiction in 18-60 year-olds.  He runs male AODA groups for high-risk opiate users with chronic relapse issues for a local substance abuse clinic.  He helps men identify the triggers that cause them to chronically relapse, and instill hope that they can build a solid foundation in recovery.   Kevin’s travels throughout Asia, including time spent in a Korean Zen monastery, have honed his inner strength and compassion for all life.  He uses mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga to complement therapy and 12-step groups used in the recovery process. Kevin has also been involved with the music industry, in various capacities, since the 90’s. He is a golf and fitness enthusiast.  Kevin is located in the Midwest and available to travel.

certified recovery coaches -DanielleDanielle is a Master Addictions Coach (IMAC),  and a Nationally Certified Advanced Clinical Interventionist Professional (NCACIP). She is a natural leader with numerous awards and accolades in public speaking and service. Tired of hiding her addiction, the once high functioning Information Technology Sales Director risked it all to re-write her story. After seeing how difficult and broken the recovery process was, she ultimately decided to dedicate her talents to advocacy and assisting others struggling with addictions and what she calls attachments of any kind. She is a Media Studies and Philosophy cum laude graduate from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. and has 12 plus years executive experience in the business world. She has prior experience working in the entertainment and music industry and is well versed in dealing with high profile and celebrity clients. Danielle has opened for Chris Herren and has spoken at the Massachusetts Statehouse numerous times. She is highly sought after in the areas of Recovery Coaching, Intervention, Anger Management, Food Addiction and Family Coaching. She is also the Massachusetts Chapter Leader of Young People in Recovery and facilitates meetings for the some of the top recovery centers in New England. Danielle focuses on social, emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as learning how to love and be our authentic selves. She is a level one Reiki practitioner and takes a holistic approach to recovery. Her coaching style is very customized depending upon the specific needs of each and every client. Danielle enjoys meditating and reading daily, as well as taking care of her body by eating a balanced diet, running, weight training, yoga, and CrossFit.

Boris SchaakBoris Schaak, ISSA Certifed, Founder of Sober Fitness, and celebrity trainer and sober coach, offers you the very best coaching and training available. Boris truly enjoys being a catalyst for helping people understand their untapped potential and how to access it. He has been working professionally in the world of fitness and holistic wellness for 30 years (although he is such great shape that you would not know his age!). Boris is highly skilled and trained in various disciplines and brings 110% to each client.  Boris began his training in yoga, meditation, and spirituality as a small child, in West Berlin, Germany. The Martial Arts were the next area that grabbed his attention and drove his passions. When he was 13, he began working with weights in the gym. Boris first moved to the U.S., as a foreign exchange student, a year later and continued his studies of the Martial Arts and his further developed his devotion to the gym. When he was 20, he moved to the U.S. Permanently, to pursue bodybuilding. He learned from some of the industries best names.
Boris won First Place, in his first try, in the Mr. Los Angeles competition! Then, he began training others professionally at Gold’s Gym in Venice, where he got to work with and learn from so many industry leaders in the fields of Meditation, Bodybuilding, Nutrition, Entertainment, and the Medical Profession. Through his own experience of working through training injuries and with those of his clients, he began working more in-depth with injury prevention.
This is also when Boris really began to appreciate the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation. After that, he began working at one of the biggest holistic pharmacy and nutrition retailers in West Hollywood. His job there allowed him to meet a Physician that specializes in treating HIV/AIDS, who was really interested in his knowledge and began referring patients to Boris.

He began working as a private bodyguard and working in upscale clubs. The party scene became another place where Boris’ ability to excel evolved into a rapid downward spiral. He battled with an addiction to alcohol and drugs for many years, before finding his way back to a life in fitness, through working a Twelve Step program. Boris incorporates his experience in recovery into his approach to the fitness program with his clients.
Boris has been a Personal Trainer, Sober Coach and Sober Companion to many people that have had a successful recovery, have regained their physical abilities and expanded upon their career potentials, as a result. We invite you to let his experience work for you.
“As a Professional Trainer and Sober Coach, my fitness approach integrates the elements of physical fitness and nutrition within the scope of recovery and sobriety. This is TOTAL integration- the convergence of mental, spiritual and physical fitness! Seeing the transformation and growth in my clients; physically, emotionally and spiritually, is my passion and mission in life!!! I’m glad to share it with You.”

evan-picEvan “Bullet” James is a leading expert in the field of ‘extreme’ alcohol and drug intervention services. He is the Founder, President, and Director of Universal Crisis Intervention in addition to being a nationally recognized motivational speaker in the area of drug and alcohol intervention.

With nineteen years of experience in the industry, Mr. James is one of the most highly regarded and sought-after alcohol and drug interventionists in the world. He is also the creator of the “Extreme Crisis Intervention” model.

Founded in 1996, Extreme Intervention specializes in crisis intervention and transport services, missing person investigation and recovery and legal advocacy services. Mr. James’ company has also managed some of the most complex, high-profile drug, alcohol, sexual addiction, gang, missing persons, and cult intervention cases in the world, helping over 1200 families both here in the United States and overseas. The team’s numerous success stories include helping clients from the celebrity, corporate and professional athletics arenas.

As one of America’s preeminent substance abuse counselors, Mr. James is a motivational speaker for several national organizations including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous. Additionally, he serves on several volunteer boards benefiting troubled adolescents and their families where he coaches basketball clinics and facilitates creative workshops for families in crisis.

Mr. James received his certification in drug and alcohol counseling from U.C.L.A.’s Chemical Dependency Program and is a certified Speared Raiter Systemic Family Interventionist, trained under the auspices of the prestigious Sierra Tuscon Treatment Facility. Prior to founding Universal Crisis Intervention, Mr. James was co-facilitator of the Betty Ford Center’s Family Outreach Program. 

John ManningJohn is an International Master of Addictions Coach (IMAC). IMAC includes all of these certifications: Nationally Certified Life Coach (NCLC), Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC-1), Nationally Certified Recovery Coach II (NCRC-II), Nationally Certified Family Coach (NCFRC), Nationally Certified Anger Management Professional (NCAMP), and Nationally Certified Gambling Addictions Coach (NCGAC). John’s calming, gentle personality enables him to interact with any type of temperament, and people from all walks of life. His far-reaching life experience has given him the ability to understand a persons current, or past life situations with clarity, and a non-judgmental mindset. Wherever someone is emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, he will take them by the heart and guide them from there. Growing up, John lived in as many as fifteen different places and attended a different school for each grade. One Parent moved to another state, and the other went down a road of partying and alcoholism. As a child immersed in an unbalanced environment, he was forced to begin his study of Human nature very early. After an intense spiritual awakening in 2009, he began a search that led him into the study of the many consciousnesses expanding spiritual traditions in all the different cultures of the world. He balanced the intense Meditational techniques with a study of Biology, Psychology, Nutrition, and alternative therapies. John says that the pressure and stressful situations experienced in active addiction lead people to the entrance of an evolutionary doorway where a person can become a transformed, enlightened/awakened, and optimally functioning Human Being. John provides the tools for a person to make this realization, and attain unrestricted, unlimited freedom. Helping someone attain bliss and freedom within, combined with the creation of a social environment that can stimulate the refinement of the ability to interact with others, is a key factor in John’s approach. He has the ability to selflessly, and passionately focus on his clients gaining the maximum benefit from the direction he provides them. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Dylan Lundgren of The Addictions Coach

Dylan Lundgren is a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC) and Food Addictions Coach (NCFAC). He holds certifications in Personal Training and Yoga (with current liability insurance and First Aid/CPR). Dylan has been personally involved in the recovery community for over 10 years. During this time, he has also been professionally involved in the treatment industry offering various holistic treatment modalities and solution oriented strategies. Dylan helped build the Mind-Body-Spirit Program as well as create the Fitness Program for the nationally acclaimed treatment center, Mountainside, in Northwest CT. Dylan loves to combine his knowledge and passion to create events and experiences for people in recovery; such as Poetry Slams and Yoga Raves. Dylan is well known as a motivational speaker and gifted facilitator; as well as a spoken word artist (going by the alias Emcee Dylan). Dylan participated in a community development internship at the largest retreat center in North America, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health; this helped him to develop a spirituality and community development program for sober houses, treatment centers, and local communities. Dylan specializes in assisting individuals in recovery to live a healthy authentic lifestyle so they can pursue their dreams and goals! He currently resides on the shoreline of Connecticut and is available to travel.

Brittany Sherfield joins The Addictions CoachAs Brittany was getting ready to graduate high school, instead of going off to college with all of her friends, she fell into a deep, destructive path of addiction for the next 7 years. After being homeless in 4 different states, multiple suicide attempts and 5 overdoses, Brittany now alongside her mother fights the stigma of addiction, raises awareness and educates others on the disease. Brittany is the former director of alumni and medical coordinator at a treatment facility in Florida. She is also a licensed and experienced interventionist mentored by the most accredited addiction professionals in the country. She has been featured on Overcoming Addiction, Fox News and is heavily involved in the non-profit FAN – Families Against Narcotics. Brittany is also a blogger and has been published in USA Today, along with many national advocacy groups and has been interviewed for the Fix, Macomb Daily and other media sources. Brittany and her mother Katie also co-founded a blog, where they dig deep about their journey at, which reached over a million views within 30 days of its inception and has been syndicated in over 30 publications, including USA Today and The Sober World magazine. Brittany lives in West Palm Beach, FL and plans to study nursing at FAU.

Debbie PerkinsDebbie Perkins is a certified International Masters Addiction Coach with an AA in Science, an AAS in Supervision and Management and is one credit shy of a Bachelor’s in Supervision and Management. She is heavily involved in Addiction Recovery running the organization No More Heroin (, while at the same time owning and running Sober Houses for Women.  Debbie herself is a recovering addict with almost 8 years. But Debbie’s road to recovery has not been easy.

Debbie was molested at the tender age of 6 years old and her abuser gave her alcohol in addition to the sexual abuse he forced on her.  By 10 years old Debbie was a full-blown addict. While she was struggling with her addiction, she lost each of her parents to suicide.  She was raped at 34 years old, while in full-blown addiction and was forced to give birth to her daughter while handcuffed to a bed.

At that time, addiction was not recognized as an illness and so Debbie found herself, like many addicts at the time, in jail and prison. Because she was still keeping her early abuse secret and was unwilling to be honest about her past, she found herself in and out of rehabs and jail, never staying sober for more than 6 months at a time.

Her recovery came when she was sentenced with 2 years of house arrest, daily 12 step support meetings and then 3 years of probation.  During those 5 years, she learned to forgive those who had hurt her and learned how to practice asking forgiveness of those who she had hurt during her active addiction.

Debbie learned how to do all this through a 12 step program and is now able to be at peace with her past, remain sober and share her wisdom, strength, and hope with others who are still in the grip of their active addiction.  She also is able to recognize that her final judicial accountability was what saved her from a continuous life of addiction, pain, legal troubles and quite likely death from overdose.

Debbie took steps to learn about the field of addiction and recovery and gained national certification in several areas of addiction as well as having her Masters Addiction Coaching Certification.  She uses her knowledge and experience in her Transitional Houses to help her clients learn how to become whole, productive members of society while remaining healthy.

While her journey to sobriety and self-discovery has not been easy, she has learned how to have a life full of dignity, honor, and support for fellow addicts who are struggling in the grip of this terrible disease. Debbie uses her experience, strength, hope, and knowledge to help others fight and beat their own disease and become healthy productive members of society.


    • IMAC: International Master Addictions Coach
    • NCIP: Nationally Certified Intervention Professional
    • NCAMP: Nationally Certified Anger Management Professional
    • NCFRC: Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach
    • NCCM: Nationally Certified Case Manager
    • NCLC: Nationally Certified Life Coach
    • NCRCI: Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (Level 1)
    • NCRCII: Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (Level 2)