The Addictions Coach: Guest Blog – My “Goodbye Note” to Treatment

The Addictions Coach: My “Goodbye Note” to Treatment. 
My departure letter from treatment
My journey at the “V”
This has truly been an amazing experience. One that was unchartered and unknown.
 It was by mere desperation, exhaustion and desire that I arrived here at this address.
I have learned so much it is pretty impossible to touch the surface in one brief “goodbye” note. But here goes a quick effort:
I have learned, shared and embraced:
  •        That processing is key in every situation
  •        Responses and reactions can be more acceptable when I do so
  •        “I” statements are wonderful
  •        Being easy with myself is freeing
  •        Communication, boundaries and respect are tools that are attainable
  •        Expectations can be different, however, acceptable when shared and received with an open mind
  •       Using my voice appropriately is received in a much more favorable way
  •        Authenticity is discovering a treasure
  •        Being assertive is attractive
  •        Fear is a natural instinct
  •     Understanding, when communicated, helps a conversation go in grand directions
  •       Treating others the way I wish to be treated is very rewarding
  •       Who I am, what my personal interests are, how to look at and build my “new” days and how I will execute them
  •        My mental state does not depend on others – unless I allow it
  •        How much of life I enjoy is completely up to me
  •       Being aware of my receptors and their location is empowering – I will see and experience so much more if I am receptive and open
  •        Allowing myself to be perceived as the “bad guy” keeps me honest and out of the vicious “triangle”
  •        Self-loathing / questioning, anxiety anger / irritability will not get me to the greatest joy – honesty integrity willingness peacefulness serenity strength and commitment will certainly be the better route for that
  •        Denial at any level is detrimental
  •       My self-expression is my own unique, individual approach to life. It is safe to be me!!!!
I will continue to practice enjoy learn and do all and more of:
Relaxation – socialization – being active – mentally stimulated – competitive with myself  – enjoy my alone time – always desire to learn something new – continue to help others – embrace my spiritual well-being – be productive with spectatorship – AND  enjoy my daily accomplishments