The Addictions Academy tackles Liberty City Drug Epidemic


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The Addictions Academy tackles Liberty City Drug Epidemic

Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy offered a free Intervention Training to an advocate in Liberty City to assist with the drug epidemic

MIAMIFeb. 24, 2016PRLog — The Addictions Academy offers Intervention Training in Liberty City, Florida

Miami, Florida February 24, 2016

The Addictions Academy and Cali Estes have provided free Intervention training to the advocates of Liberty City, a drug-infested area of Miami Dade County. By offering free Intervention training, The Addictions Academy hopes to empower the residents and advocates to assist in getting more people into treatment and more residents the education they need to assist with the rampant heroin addiction.

The Addictions Academy offers three levels of Intervention:  Basic Intervention, Advanced Clinical Intervention, and Extreme Intervention. For one such advocate of Liberty City, Cali Estes provided an Advanced Intervention class to a major advocate and a resident of the city, a man who had a long-term heroin addiction and has turned his life around to help others get off the drugs. His name is Willie Stephenson; his friends know him as “Legs”.

“I wanted to offer this class so that Legs could learn the art of Intervention and take it back to his community and help the residents of Liberty City get off the streets and get the educated help that they need,” Estes said. “The inner cities are often overlooked with no health insurance, no creditable places to turn to for help and lack of educational resources. I decided I wanted to offer those resources to help those in need that cannot afford the same services that is readily available to others.”

The training was a 3-day Advanced Clinical Intervention class with exam held in Downtown Miami. All participants left with a deep understanding of the drug epidemic and how to perform different styles of intervention on different types of clients. They learned how to approach the client, how to perform a pre- intervention, the intervention process and how to handle the post intervention. Resources were provided to all participants and networking opportunities afforded.

“I am extremely grateful to Cali Estes for offering me the opportunity to get the education,” Legs said. “I am looking forward to helping others get their lives on track.”

The Addictions Academy offers over 30 different classes, with 15 different teachers nationally that have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Oprah, NBC, CBS, CNBC, MSN and more. All teachers are highly trained and educated in their industries with a long line of clientele and expertise in training. Most have been called as expert witnesses and consulted for TV and movies. Their teachers are highly sought over and the most respected in their fields.

The Addictions Academy even offers a business class and a consulting platform to teach new Interventionists, Coaches and Counselors how to launch a private practice and gain clientele. Their class and consulting packages also include all the documents to get a business started, including contracts, HIPAA forms, and marketing and branding to grow a client base. The Academy understands that business may not be the strength of a therapist and they will assist.

“At The Addictions Academy we offer more than just training,” Estes said. “We strive to build careers and invest in people. We are the only company that offers job placement assistance, free directories, private networking groups, mastermind roundtables and of course you can re-take any class with us at any time as a refresher for Free.  We believe in our students and want them to succeed, so we provide all the tools to set them up for success.

The Addictions Academy is known for their easy to use webinar platform and ‘learn in your pajamas’ concept for business professionals. Dr. Estes believes having an easy way to learn from the comfort of your home allows the busy professional to be able to continue their daily work duties, maximize family time and still get the quality education being offered at The Addictions Academy.

Call The Addictions Academy at 1.800.706.0318 to schedule your Intervention training today.