The Addictions Academy Faculty and Class Spotlight: Meet Mary Millings. Register for Utilization Review 101.

The Addictions Academy Faculty and Class Spotlight:  Meet Mary Millings and Register for Utilization Review Management Specialist Essentials 101 WEBINAR


Mary Millings

mary-millingsMary Millings is a licensed Medical Coder/Biller. She has worked in the medical billing and collection field for 10 years. Working for a wide variety of medical specialties including: E/M, Mental Health, Residential, PHP, IOP and Outpatient substance abuse treatment. I have worked in both a provider’s office and hospital medical billing. She became a licensed Medical Coder/Biller in 2007.

Ms. Milling’s prior experience includes serving as a Collection Analyst for an internationally recognized, academic health system comprised of six hospitals, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Holtz Children’s Hospital, Jackson North Medical Center, Jackson South Community Hospital, Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital and Jackson Mental Health Hospital. Which is  home to the Ryder Trauma Center, Miami-Dade County’s only Level 1 adult and pediatric trauma center; and the UM/JM Burn Center, one of the leading burn treatment centers in the nation and the only one in South Florida. Where she was the lead in resolving high dollar claims, including billing submissions, all insurance follow-up functions and claims audits.

Her daily duties included oversight of the staff in the identification, collection and assessment of facility claims or encounter information as it pertains to efficient billing and collecting per CMS guidelines. She also verified and ensured that accurate and maximum reimbursement was received from both contracted and non-contracted entities.

As a claims auditor she will verify:

  • Appropriate procedural codes were applied.
  • Appropriate ICD-9 codes were applied.
  • Appropriate usage of any modifiers.
  • Appropriate linkage of diagnosis to procedure.

In addition to auditing claims she can provide an audit of your paid claims to verify full reimbursement, by comparing your explanation of benefits (EOB’s) against your paid claims to verify that you have been fully reimbursed for your services.

Mary understands that each provider and/or practice is unique in their particular needs and expectations from a claims audit, and has such devised a system that allows her to apply her extensive knowledge and attention to detail, to fit the needs of any provider, large or small.  Allowing her to assist you in decreasing denials, and ensure timely reimbursement.

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Utilization Review Management Specialist Essentials 101

A vital component to the bottom line of any CD/SA treatment center, facility or program is the Utilization Review Department. It is the lifeblood of the company as it gets the authorization from insurance companies for reimbursements and a revenue stream for the maintenance of the financial security and the growth of the company, its employees’ wages and general well-being of the program in the recovery community. In teaming up with The Addictions Academy this course’s main objective is to fulfill an often requested service by the recovery industry, especially treatment centers and programs, and to offer some basic fundamentals for the delicate Utilization Review process which allows treatment programs, through their UR management specialists, to get the most reimbursements for the billing codes for CD/SA by the treatment facilities and, thus, allow for the fiscal sustaining and growth of a facility. This 3 1/2 hour course will enlighten the novice to understand the UR process, refresh and improve upon the education and maintenance of those seasoned in UR and shed light on some advanced features of the UR process with regard to peer-to-peer reviews and appeals!

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