The Addictions Coach and The Rock Box Launch ‘Addiction Music Camp’

The Addictions Coach and The Rock Box Launch ‘Addiction Music Camp’

Anyone that knows me knows that I am an Industry Trailblazer. I am always looking for the next thing to help someone achieve their goals in life. Recently I had the pleasure to partner with a famous musician to offer an ‘addiction music camp’, at the music foundation, The Rock Box, he is creating. He is opening a school to teach music lessons (voice, piano, drums, guitar) and learn about stage presence and performance.


We all know the power of music to boost mood when it naturally lifts the serotonin and dopamine connections in the brain, it helps to alleviate some of the issues of depression, addiction to drugs/alcohol/food etc. and boosts self-esteem. I have utilized drumming in my coaching and therapy sessions for years and found how music helps the addicted brain heal and refocus.  I saw domestic violence and low self-esteem clients flourish when we played music, sang and created a safe environment to learn and express themselves. Then I went on tour with a famous rock and roll band and I watched it firsthand.

Be prepared this summer as we launch the ‘Addiction Music Camp’. A weeklong project between The Addictions Coach and The Rock Box to offer music and addiction therapy and coaching to teens and adults that are inflicted with addiction or failure to launch. The collaboration project comes as no surprise as the owner of The Rock Box is an established and sought after musician that has toured the world playing with famous acts. He has also written instructional books, a DVD and has trained and educated any individuals over the past 10 years.     

It is time that the ‘rock and roll experience’ of The Rock Box meets the ‘unpause your life’ concept at The Addictions Coach. But to execute this on time, we are seeking a few donations to get the school doors open.

Please click below to see what we are up to and if you can assist. In exchange we are offering 2 FREE scholarships to the Addiction Music camp this summer. Wouldn’t you like to help someone achieve their rock and roll dreams and get sober in the process?