The Addictions Coach: Guest Blog- Fighting Addiction as a Couple

The Addictions Coach: Guest Blog- Fighting Addiction as a Couple
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Fighting Addiction as a Couple
Fighting addiction as a couple might be harder than fighting addiction on your own. Both members of the relationship have to agree that they want to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, they have to have a strong will. Most people first think of treatment programs, this can get you clean and sober but fighting addiction is not that simple. Couples have great difficulty early on in their fight with addiction. Probably the best way a couple can fight addiction is to fight it individually, what I mean with this is that they find different treatment groups so they don’t interfere with one another.
Individual treatment is much more efficient and the individual has a higher chance of recovering, whilst taking treatment as a couple may cause many problems since more often than not, one member of the relationship influences the other one to try drugs and ultimately get addicted to them. As soon as one individual feels better he should encourage the other member of the couple and help them with their addiction. Don’t try to control your partner’s recovery, be supportive. Having a healthy relationship helps maintain a healthy recovery.

Probably the greatest problem couples have with recovering from addiction is not the fact that they are addicted, that they need alcohol or drugs to live, it is the fact that they’ve gotten used to doing them, and it is now like a hobby for them. Chain smokers for example smoke cigarette after cigarette, not because it helps them relax, the first one helps them relax, the other ones have no influence, it’s just that the smoker has a habit of smoking, and if he isn’t smoking, he doesn’t feel right. So a couple should try and find new hobbies and activities to replace their old habits. If you are ready to get rid of the addiction here is 9 simple steps which you should follow:

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