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*Recovery Coaching.* Intervention Training. *Master Addictions Coach. *Gambling Addiction Coaching. *Food Addiction Coaching. *Anger Management. *Case Management. Advanced Clinical Intervention Training. *Family Recovery Coaching.* Life Coaching. *Christian Track. *Business Development and Marketing Classes.

Named Best of Miami, 2013 and 2014, The Addictions  Academy offers the opportunity for you to increase your knowledge base in the Substance Abuse industry and the Addictions fields. We are the forerunners in the industry and the only company that offers you 6 FULL MONTHS OF CLINICAL SUPERVISION HOURS.  We also assist with business details, job placement and procurement of clients.  CALL 1.800.706.0318 to get your client base growing! We offer value for our courses and training programs.

The Addictions Professional: Save $500?  Of course. www.TheAdditionsAcademy.com 1.800.706.0318

The Addictions Academy is endorsed by drug and alcohol treatment centers (that asked us to certify and train their staff), National Approved education Provider through NAADAC  (that approved our training for Continuing Education Hours), private individuals that have taken our classes (and enriched their practice), and clients that have tried our programs (and are still sober).  Our founder, Cali Estes has over 18 years in the addiction and therapy industry  (www.theaddictionscoach.com)  and has been  featured on NBC Universal News, HBO, CNBC, CBS, MSN Money, LA Times, Entrepreneur Magazine,  San Jose Mercury, Max Sports and Fitness etc. for her unique work with addictions and getting to the root cause of the problem.  We offer our clients and all professionals that want to take our classes the same amount of care and understanding. We want to share our knowledge with you.

The Professional Value of Courses:

Increase your client base!
Increase your earning potential
Add Credentials to your Name
Learn from a National Education Provider
Make yourself more marketable to treatment centers and others
How to market yourself as an Recovery Coach, Interventionist, Case Mgr. or Master Coach
How to expand your clientele base and start your own Coaching Business
Contracts and forms for clients, Service Contract, HIPAA Compliance, Duty to Warn, and Confidentially Forms
Decrease AMA and APA rate
Travel at your leisure with your clients, all expenses paid.

While we follow evidenced based practices, our methods of treating addiction are unique.  We invite you to check out our programs above, ask questions, try our classes and become our clients.  We look forward to having you.  You can also find Cali Estes at www.caliestes.com We offer Mobile Rehab, mobile drug and alcohol treatment to our clients, Addiction Therapy, Intervention, Family Coaching, Recovery Coaching,  Case Management, Anger Management, Private Wellness  Retreat and  assorted services to our clientele.

As for Professionals, and those that are learning about addiction,  we offer classes and certificate programs that can assist you in expanding your practice and gaining new clients.  We are cutting edge, we are unique.  We invite you to join us! Call us at 800.706.0318 or email us at cali@theaddictionsacademy.com today!

NAADAC Education Approved Number 130309

What classes  do we offer?  www.theaddictionsacademy.com