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Finally a program that handles emotional eating from a chemical and emotional level.

Dr. Cali and one of her clients explain how to tackle food addiction. Watch here.

Top Food Addiction Coach for Bulimia, Anorexia and Over EatingFood and sugar

Food and sugar are often the most overlooked addictions, rarely discussed and definitely not treated. A food addiction is not an Eating Disorder, it is a chemical and emotional immune response to some foods. Ever notice how you will binge eat an entire bag of Oreos or chips, but not a a big bag of broccoli? There is a chemical reason for that. Your body uses broccoli for calcium and knows when it has had enough. The processed cookies and chips you are craving have added chemicals that are highly addictive and you want more. Then you feel guilt, remorse and shame and eat even more. You eat your feelings, you may even punish yourself afterwards by exercising or denying yourself food. There is an entire process to food addiction and a full ritual that you go through.

The most addictive drug on the planet is sugar. Have you tried to quit sugar? You might recognize the  headaches, nausea, insomnia, foggy brain, irritability, tiredness, restless legs and more. You can alleviate these symptoms on a chemical level and tackle the emotional issues behind it easily. We use our Brain Health Recovery Method and ProrecoveryRx supplements to help restore the balance in your body and make you feel better.

Dr. Cali Estes and her team understand Food Addictions and there many variations. In fact, Cali battled a food addiction for a number of years before learning to combat her own demons. Along with her sister, Nutritional Therapist, Jenny Fontana, together will help you with the 4 tier approach. We tackle the emotional, mental, physical and the chemical sides of food addiction so that you FEEL better, LOOK better and solve the root cause of your issues quickly. With our unique process of action planning, food/mood journals and the ability to get to the root cause of the food addiction we offer a very unique platform to assist you or your loved one.

Our 10 week program will help you to identify the cravings, triggers and issues surrounding why you grab food as comfort or punishment. We start with a brain reboot. Your brain is hijacked and we have the right supplements  at ProRecoveryRX to do the job. After we break that chemical connection, we tackle the root cause of why you are addicted to food and why you use food as reward, punishment or mood change. We also provide you with a full meal plan to help reduce cravings, break the cycle and feel better. We uncover how the chemicals affect your brain and your serotonin and dopamine depletion issues, how to set a good meal plan and how to create a safety plan in stressful situations where food is the main focus.

There are many different types of behaviors and obsessive thoughts within the minds of those struggling with eating disorders and food addiction issues. The Addictions Coach is much more than just your ally or recovery guide right now, in fact we are your full-scope coach and companion throughout this recovery process, and we offer you a level of expertise and integrative support that is rarely matched.


How do I know if I am a food addict? If you crave sweets, carbs, and other processed foods and eat when you are not even hungry, but emotional (sad, happy, angry, bored, etc.), you maybe addicted to food. Also, if you use it as a reward system, a punishment system or even ‘eat your feelings’ you may have a problem and need a professional evaluation for food addiction. 

What is a sugar detox? A detox from sugar is similar to a heroin detox. Symptoms include headaches, insomnia, restless legs, brain fog, irritability, mood swings, severe craving for sugar and breads/carbs, even nausea ad body aches. Sugar detox can be managed with neurotransmitters supplements to lessen the cravings and withdrawal and boost the ‘happy chemicals’, serotonin and domain in your brain.    

How do you treat food addiction?  A combination of emotional, mental, and physical cravings must be tackled and managed. Quitting cold turkey is never a good idea, as the withdrawal symptoms from sugar and other foods laden with chemicals can be extremely uncomfortable. Brain support supplements to manage withdrawal is key to help with detox and post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

How do I overcome a Food Addiction? Overcoming a food addiction can be very difficult because there is a chemical and physical component along with an emotional component that has to be broken. It will take you about two weeks to physically detox from the sugar in your system and once you start feeling better you have to break the emotional connection to why you actually Overeat, Binge eat, and even restrict food to punish yourself. A professional evaluation and addiction coaching is advised. 

Dr. Cali Estes teaches Nationally Certified Food Addictions Coach at The Addictions Academy and Jenny Fontana teaches Nationally Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach at The Addictions Academy, the largest provider for addiction education in the world. They are in 25 countries and 5 languages with over 40 teachers worldwide.

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