Counseling and Therapy – Substance Use Counseling and Addiction Recovery on a Whole New Level!

A uniquely effective combination of counseling, therapy, coaching, and recovery services…

Concierge Mobile Express 3 to 7 Day Drug Rehab Treatment and Medical DetoxDr. Cali Estes and her team offer a vast array of in-home, in-office, and virtual Telehealth (HIPAA compliant ) counseling and behavioral health recovery services to individuals, families, employers, and advisers. For those utilizing our higher-end clinical expertise for matters involving substance use treatment and/or medical detox, we can provide our signature service Sober on Demand, or sessions via phone or Zoom online.  We can provide therapy, counseling and online or onsite sessions at your home, office, hotel or other location, as needed and we are 100% Confidential.

So how does this work? The seasoned, highly experienced, and discrete staff at The Addictions Coach offers concierge-level professional recovery services from many different perspectives. Our primary areas of focus include substance abuse and other addictions – drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, sex, internet , porn, video games, and more. We can also address many any underlying mental and behavioral health issues you maybe experiencing. Our platform of services is comprehensive in scope and we are able to operate as a consultant if you or a loved one need treatment options.  We can provide therapy, counseling and online or onsite sessions at your home, office, hotel or other location. Dr. Cali Estes and her team can get to the underlying cause of the issues you are experiencing and help you heal. We also use our signature Brain Health Recovery Method and line of supplements from ProRecoveryRx

We can provide: Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) anger management therapy, coping and life skills & processing, holistic models, positive psychology, life coaching and a variety of other therapies pending location with licensed individuals or certified individuals in that state.  

 What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is working remotely for therapists, counselors, and medical professionals utilizing phone or HIPPA compliant web portal software, such as GoToMeeting. When meeting in person with a therapist or counselor is not feasible, these OnDemand sessions are more confidential and quicker.

How do I know if I need counseling or therapy?

Generally, a counselor or therapist can assist you with any blockages or issues you are experiencing in life, usually from childhood and trauma experiences that are manifesting in adulthood causing problems at work, home, and relationships. A therapist or counselor can help you to process these feelings, stuck points, grief, trauma issues and move on.

What is the difference between counseling and recovery coaching?   

Counselors need to be licensed or certified in the state that they reside in, and they specialize in going backward in time to process unresolved issues like trauma, grief/loss, addiction, and more. Recovery coaches are nationally certified and they focus more on real-time events and accountability in the present day. Both are powerful when utilized together.

Our mix and scope of counseling, therapy, and recovery coaching services are very effective at addressing specific matters involving:

Here are a few issues that a therapist or counselor at The Addictions Coach can help you with.

  • You have unresolved feelings of guilt and remorse
  • You have unresolved trauma issues from childhood
  • You need a treatment plan for court or are court ordered to counseling 
  • You have a drug addiction, alcohol addiction or sex addiction
  • You have a gambling addiction, internet addiction or video game addiction
  • You are depressed, anxious or diagnosed with a menthol health disorder 
  • You have an eating disorder or food addiction
  • You need an evaluation for your work or job
  • You feel stuck in life
  • You might have Failure to Launch 

Do therapists judge you? No. A good Therapist is trained not to react and judge you at all. Their job is to diagnose you utilizing the DSM-5 manual and then provide you with the diagnosis and tips, tricks and ways to handle what is happening to you. They should never judge you or make you feel uncomfortable in any way, in fact, if they do judge you they can be reported to the state licensing board on an ethics violation.

The Addictions Coach is much more than just coaching or therapy…

What makes The Addictions Coach unlike any other recovery services firm is the reality that we tend to offer a much wider set of treatment-related tools to the client (and family when applicable).  This isn’t “just coaching” or “just therapy” or “treatment” or any other one-dimensional recovery approach; it is a unique alternative to treatment and this is far greater and much more customized to the precise needs of the client!

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ARE YOU READY? Are you ready to experience victory over substance use and life issues in ways you may have never imagined?

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