How can I be at peace when my child is suffering in treatment with an addiction?

Ask the Expert: “How can I be at peace when my son is suffering in treatment with an addiction” Jane G., Delray Beach, Florida

Cali Estes The Addictions Coach, Answers: “Substance abuse with a loved one can be draining and taxing.  The caregiver usually has not had self care or relaxation in months.  Doctor’s appointments are missed, eating habits suffer, exercise suffers and your whole life has been put on hold to take care of the addict in the family.  Once your loved in safely in drug and alcohol treatment, you need family coaching and a good family recovery coach to tell you that is OK to take some time for yourself.  You need a Family Recovery Coach to walk you through the drug and alcohol treatment process and what to expect when your loved one returns home.  Here are 3 tips to deal with the stress:

  1. Breathe. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stop and take a deep breath.  Your loved one is safe in treatment and this may be the first time you get a full night of sleep knowing that they are safe in a drug and alcohol facility.
  2. Take your time. Go to the beach, go to the hair salon, spa, golfing, gym, etc.  Find one activity per day that you can do to relax, rejuvenate and renew.
  3. Find a good Family Recovery Coach. A good Recovery Coach can help you through this time. They can be your cheerleader and your guide.  Find one that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Cali Estes is a Family Recovery Coach, Master Addictions Coach and trainer facilitator.  You can find her at www.theaddictionscoach or and you can reach her at 1.800.706.0318

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  1. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I’ve had experience with 12-step recovery work for decades. In my experience with working with with many recovering people and their families, it is, as Cali has said, extremely helpful for you to begin the process of caring for yourself. Your worrying will not provide any assistance to your child. They’re in a good place being attended to on a daily basis.
    AlAnon is a powerful place for anyone who’s been or is being impacted by someone’s else’s addiction – no matter what the addiction is. I would invite you to google and to see where there are local meetings in your area. It’s also extremely helpful to go to open Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Many blessings, Wendy Silvers

    • Ed Botsko
      Ed Botsko says:

      Kudos, Wendy… I personally prefer CODA, but it depends on the specific group…
      Parents need to know when their children are in a rehab, they ARE safe for the time they are there… As a parent, you have to deal with why you best thinking and that of your child has put you in this place… There IS a path to recovery and it requires compassion, understanding, structure and information to help the addict re-form their lives…

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