Client Maggie Goldberg shares her personal and intimate experience hiring Cali Estes and her team of seasoned professionals to help her get sober create personal development move forward in her life and start a whole new career helping other people get on the right track.

Cali Estes Has Changed My Life And I Would Like To Share A Little Bit About My Experience With Her And The Addictions Academy. The Knowledge That They Provide Is Invaluable As Well As Their Marketing And Networking Skills And The Resources They Provide You With. Cali Has A Unique Perspective That Really Grabs You And Makes You Listen. She Can Break Through The Toughest Of People Due To Her Experience And Confidence. Hopefully That Confidence Will Rub Off On You And Help Build And Strengthen Your Motivation Like It Has For Me. If You Want To Be The Best You Must Learn From The Best And That Is What Cali Estes And The Addictions Academy Are, The Best. I Hope That One Day You Will Be Able To Meet Her And Truly Understand How I Feel.
Do you feel like YOUR life has been on ‘pause’ for some time now and you want change? Have you watched a loved one struggle in life and make poor decisions and you just want to help but don’t know what to do?

You need TACA. Our Seasoned, Elite Team offers an array of services that GET to the underlying Root Cause of the Issues you and your loved one are experiencing fast and we produce results. We are 100% Results Focused and design your program around you, the client. From Execs, to Celebs, to Sports Pros to the neighbor next door, we have helped 1000’s of people with the behaviors and addictions that are destroying their lives.

What makes us different? TACA has been featured on HBO, NBC, CBS, MSN, CNBC, LA Times, and More with our Paradigm Shift way of thinking. We are pioneers in the addictions and behavioral health industry with our forward no nonsense team approach. We build a program around you, not dump you into a textbook cookie cutter program and “hope” you catch on. The staff @TACA is doctor led, doctor run, and we get to the root cause of what the issues are and with a unified approach we fix them, together, in real time. Our success rate is 95%. (We CAN back that up!)

How does the staff @TACA work? We utilize the strong principals of coaching, coupled with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Behavioral Management (TC), Mindfulness, Balance, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Fitness and Alternative therapies. We focus on the Personal Connection, and personal development to increase our clients highest potential and highest good. If you are ‘disconnected’ you are not performing at peak level. We can get you back to being The Successful You that you are MEANT to be!

What can we help YOU with Today?

*Addiction Issues (Drugs, Alcohol, Food, Gambling)
*Treatment Consultants (What do I do? Where do we go?)
*Mobile Rehab (We come to your home, office or on location)
*Failure to Launch Consultation (Where do I send my teen or young adult?)
*Interventions (I am living with a drug addict HELP)
*Sober Companions (Help me get back to MYSELF)
*Therapy (I want to FEEL better)
*Recovery Coaching (Coach me Sober)
*Life Coaching (I want more out of Life!)
*Personal Development (The next level of life coaching, are you READY?)
*Bad Behavior Modifications
*Anger Management
*Extreme Intervention (HELP! I can’t find my loved one)
*Sports Psychology (My addiction has my head out of the game!)
*DUI/DWI (Get my license back)
*Executive and Corporate Culture (We understand 100% Confidential)
*24/7 Support (We are HERE for YOU)
*Comprehensive Family Services (Why is this happening to ME?)

Call TACA TODAY @ 1.800.706.0318 for a FREE initial consultation to see if we can help you ‘Unpause Your Life’